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Customer Support
Before I had even signed up as a customer, I tried their Live-Chat feature to get a few questions answered. Since I was already a bit skeptical of finding a new host that was both affordable and reliable and could support the functionality that I needed, finding out these questions fast was a necessity. I was able to get all of my questions answered very quickly. In addition, now that I am a customer I've used this feature twice and both times was able to get a straight answer and a prompt fix (Note: both times where I had an issue that needed to be fixed, it was a problem that I created unknowingly and they were able to figure it out and resolve it). Considering the cost of this host, their support is ridiculously great. I have had some down times, but they were very minimal, and when i've contacted Host Monster for a fix, the problem was solved in a timely manner.

I have one problem with the pricing. The cheapest hosting plan, as advertised (I found this host through an advertisement on this site) requires a 2 year contract. It was a leap of faith to do this and hope for the best, however, in my experience so far I have absolutely no regrets and I hope that Host Monster is able to keep up the great work. With this in mind, I would consider a 5 star score for Host Monster aside from the fact that I was caught off guard between the advertised price on this website ($3.95/mo at the time) versus what it actually was to sign up, 4.95/mo but only if you signed up for 2 years. The price was higher if you did not do the 2 year contract. It is still worth every penny, and I am very happy with the service received. Upon writing this review the price has gone up again to $5.95/mo but it is still worth it considering you can have many many addon domains under the same (shared) hosting plan at no additional cost other than registering your domain name.

I have had excellent hosting reliability. While I have had the occasional problem, hang or hiccup with my sites that I host on Host Monster, A simple ticket or chat session with a technician from their home page resolved the problem very fast. Their Customer Support has been very reliable. They've met every demand I've placed on them. With nothing to complain about, this pretty much is all I have to say about their service. For any small to medium business or any personal use, Host Monster exceeds expectations.

Their webmail interface options are a little funky. I decided to simply use it for POP mail purposes and use 3rd party interfaces to send/retrieve mail instead of using their webmail interface. It is doable if you are at a computer without your Outlook or Thunderbird, but if you set up a free account such as yahoo you can grab POP mail with that as well. I have never lost an email or lost a webmail account, I just do not prefer their webmail interface, but will continue to use it in the form of POP mail retrieval.

Control Panel
They use cPanel for their control panel. There are many options available to you. My only gripe is that compared to other hosts that use cPanel, Host Monster's cPanel is pretty graphic intensive and a bit too colorful and slow to load. Other Control Panels from other hosts have all the same options but without all the fluff and and unneeded graphic intensive interface. It may be helpful for a less experienced user though, for visual reference. It would be nice if you could customize how your Control Panel looks so that I could just have text links to each section instead of large icons.

Addon Domains / Sub Domains
This is a great feature. Sharing your hosting plan's bandwidth you may have other domains hosted (the addon website's reside in a directory inside your /root dir) without extra cost. Only problem is for people that will set up a site first, then addon domains later may be confusing with out a little know-how of file structure, and DNS redirecting. It is too bad that the sub/Add On domains aren't set up in a little more organized fashion to make things easier on the casual user, but for the tech savvy this is not a problem.

In short, Host Monster is a knowledgeable responsive host for a great price.

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Review By: Taylor Walker
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