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DreamHost is known to be a successful employee owned hosting company based in San Francisco which started in 1997 and has been running ever since. They offer great support and great packages with shared hosting at $7.95 a month and dedicated hosting at $395 a month - who can complain!

I have been using them for just over five months now and have only experienced the 'crème de' le' crème' of hosting and support.

The E-Mail service is excellent and spam-free. I have never experienced any down-time which in a world where email is used so often is vital.

The server uptime is unbeatable I have only ever recorded one down time when there was a Denial Of Service attack. This was unexpected but they dealt with it very quickly to get the servers up and running and that none of our files were compromised and our personal details were secure.

The support service from my experience is not acceptable, taking a full 72+ hours for a reply. I would expect a higher response time than this, but have spoken to friends who always receive a reply within 24 hours.

DreamHost uses a web based FTP client called net2ftp, which gets easier to use over a period of time but for a first time user it's rather difficult to connect to when you have been getting use to using cPanel over the years. The good thing about net2ftp is the panel is simple and not overloaded with so many features you may not necessary need which can be clearly seen in cPanel for example. The skin feature is great, you get a selection of three skins which include Blue, Pastel, and Mobile. The Mobile version is good if you are out and about and need to update something quickly when you just remembered while your on the bus or on the way to the airport.

DreamHost is expanding very fast from only having a couple of servers when they first started, to currently having over several hundred servers. They all managed by a professional team of staff in a data center working 24/7 hours a day to offer the best experience possible. They are purchasing an extra seven servers each year to be able to host any new clients they make over the years.

The most disappointing thing I experienced with DreamHost was when they received a DOS attack which knocked out a few servers and since they have hundreds of servers running at one time I'm surprised by the fact that they did not move the clients accounts over to the remaining up and running servers so we did not experience any down time. In total the down time was around 7 hours.

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Review By: Zach Thompson
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