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I currently have two website's hosted on the Bluehost servers. From day one I have received nothing but stellar service from them. Downtime has been near non-existent due to their high quality servers and dedication to user satisfaction. The rare downtime was usually due to server upgrades that only enhanced the user experience. Upgrades have included increased file storage, increased bandwidth, free site-builder and free add-ons like Ruby on Rails.

Currently Bluehost is offering incredible amounts of space and bandwidth for a very low cost. It is rare to find a good reliable host offering 300 gigs of storage, 3 terabytes of bandwidth and unlimited domain hosting on one account. All of this is provided for the low cost of $6.95 per month. For the price alone you cannot beat it. The average user will not even come close to utilizing the space and bandwidth they provide. Among these great amenities you will get 2,500 e-mail accounts with two different web based e-mail solutions, 1,000 FTP accounts, 50 MySQL databases and 50 PostgreSQL databases.

Bluehost also gives you the option to install a number of free plug-ins. These plug-ins can be installed from cPanel using Fantastico. This enables the plug-ins to be installed with minimal knowledge and experience. Plug-ins include forums such as phpBB, FormMail, PHP-Nuke, guest books, live chat, web blogs, mailing lists, image galleries, polls and survey software, web auction software, Moodle, Tikiwiki, Mambo or Joomla, form generators and help center software. Among these plug-ins, Bluehost also offers e-commerce as well. They provide SSL, various shopping carts, certificates, encryption and password protected directories. If that is not enough Bluehost also offers many multimedia features. Streaming video and audio tops the list with Real audio and video, Flash, Shockwave, MIDI and the ability to add your own MIME types. At this point you should be able to see that Bluehost is a top notch host that should not be overlooked.

Multiple programming and database languages are also supported at Bluehost. PHP version 4 or 5 is available along with Python, Ruby, JavaScript, DHTML, Flash and Shockwave. MySQL and PostgreSQL are the database choices you have when being hosted with Bluehost. What more could you ask for?

All of these features sit on top-of-the-range technology. Bluehost utilizes quad core processor servers with UPS power backup along with a diesel generator backup for added protection. The servers run on a highly customized Apache web server. All of the storage is mirrored and the network is monitored 24/7. Bluehost connects to an OC-48 backbone connection so your website loads nice and fast. Bluehost is also concerned about security and uptime and offer Denial of Service protection and SPAM blocking technology.

To top it all off Bluehost helps you promote your website by offering free search engine submission. They also help you out by giving you access to a keyword analyzer and a search engine position report all for free. Bluehost wants your website to be successful so they are successful. This makes for a very good relationship.

Bluehost offers round the clock support, but I have rarely needed to use it. They have a toll-free number, support forum and a live chat which is what I recommend. The forum isn't very well supported so don't expect top-notch help for any critical problem you may have. The support I did use was via the live chat and the technician was very responsive and very knowledgeable concerning my issue. I have also used the live chat to ask for any upgrades Bluehost may be offering. From what I have seen they are nothing but professionalism when it comes to technical support.

I don't know what else to say that I already haven't said. Bluehost has been so good to me and many other users. Since I have been hosting with them the bandwidth and storage have increased three times that I am aware of. New features are constantly being added and the support keeps getting better. There is nothing I would change and I personally don't think I will ever use a different host. I recommend Bluehost to anyone I can and I stand behind them 100%. You seriously cannot go wrong with Bluehost.

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Review By: Jason Robinson
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