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Web Host Reviews is the most honest web host review website on the Internet. We are not influenced by any hosts in any way.

The website was first started by Alec Rust because he noticed that all other host review website's were simply inaccurate. Since then the site has blossomed and now contains accurate reviews from different webmasters all over the world.

How are we different?

What a good question! There are so many web host review website's out there it is hard to know who is telling the truth and who's not. Unlike most web host review website's, we don't go and steal a review off another website (a review which is on 10s of other sites also). We ask real webmasters who have actual experience with their host to provide us with not a praising review, but an honest one. You can view the website of the reviewer, heck even do some technical digging and make sure that that website is registered with that host! We aim to be the most honest web host review directory available, and we are achieving that goal, with more host reviews added almost daily.

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